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Care for your Lenses! HELPFUL!

How to Use and Protect Contact Lenses
How to Use and Protect Contact Lenses

Lense Wear Guide



Please take off your contact lens before you sleep. Please dispose your contact lens 3 months after the day of unsealed.
Please use Contact lens disinfectants to sterilize contact lens but DON’T use Hydrogen peroxide to sterilize contact lens.
Before wearing contact lens
– Please check if your eyes have a condition of Capillaries congestion. To avoid scraping of eyes and contact lens, nails should not be too long and sharp. Please seek medical advice from Doctor if there is unusual situation and do not wear contact lens in due course.
– Please clean your hands properly with soap before wearing or touching the contact lens
– Please ensure your hands are properly cleaned with no lotion or cosmetics stained before touching the contact lens
Check the contact lens and its container carefully
Please make sure if there is any unusual situation with the contact lens and its container before unsealing or opening. Please do not open the container and feel free to enquire us if unusual situation is found.


1. Length of time of wearing contact lens are different for different people. Please enquire ophthalmologist for information and instructions.
2. New contact lens users can wear contact lens every day. Please enquire ophthalmologist for information and instructions.
3. Please be reminded that it is advised that one can at most wear contact lens successively for less than 8 hours a day.

Please REMEMBER to take off your contact lens before you sleep.


 Frequently asked questions FAQs

How long does it take to process and ship?

We ship from our warehouse right in the USA. Order processing time requires at least 48 hours for shipments to be dispatched. Please note this can take longer during our sale periods and if an item you ordered is out of stock it will say pre-order in description. Pre-order orderd take 7 to 21 days to ship. Since we are awaiting the item to be stocked ourselves to send to you. order processing times may be delayed. Orders are processed Monday – Friday from 8am – 430pm (central time). Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday (central Time) will be processed Monday (central Time).


Are your contact lenses safe to use?

We are handling only safe premium Korean contact lenses. Our contact lenses are certified by FDA, KFDA, ISO 13485 and CE certifications. All of the lenses are manufactured by reputable contact lens manufacturers and tested by our product development team. Having said so, it is also important to follow proper wear and care guide, get a regular eye exam for maintaining good eye health. Please refer instructions for use for more details.


Custom and personalized orders

If you ask me about something out of stock, I'll do my best to RESTOCK the item asap.

Returning an order

As long as the item is still sealed in original packaging, the item can be returned. Buyer pays return shipping.

Will the color look the same on my eyes as in the photo? What will look most natural?

Everyone's eyes are different, so color could vary slightly from person to person. Look for NATURAL in each collection's title or description if that is what you're searching for! 


Can I order contacts for Halloween or Cosplays?

Yes, there is a collection just for that! if you don't see the product you're looking for, contact us! We will see if we can get your request in stock asap!


How can i order in my prescription? or is it just for non prescription?

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