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How to Choose the Right Coloured Contact Lenses?

Thinking of getting coloured contact lenses? This Feel Good blog will help you pick the ideal lenses for you and your eyes

Hair dye has become so popular now, that some people even change the colour of their hair on a weekly basis. This can help you achieve a new style or look almost immediately. However, with different hair colours, it is always good to know which eye colour works best in creating your desired effect. 

With coloured contact lenses, you can essentially choose the colour of your eyes to compliment your appearance. And that’s why Feel Good have created this guide on which coloured contact lenses work well with which hair colours.


Blonde hair actually suits a large variety of eye colours, helping eye shades to look even more vibrant. 

Famously, blue eyes are a great choice with blonde hair, as both light and dark blue appear more piercing when combined with blonde. Blue eyes are always a popular feature, while the combination is one that evokes plenty of envy.

Bright green is another colour that suits blonde hair, offering a lighter look that is especially effective with pale skin. This look works better with a fresh green colour, rather than with a deeper shade.

An alternative choice for your contact lenses could be violet, as this unusual colour results in a pretty and slightly mystical look that is sure to make a statement and turn heads.


Arguably, the best colour to team with any shade of red hair has to be green. The contrast between the two shades is electric and will really help your eyes really stand out.

Any shade of green goes with red hair, while darker tones are more suited to lighter red hair, and bright green is at its best with deep shades of red. 

Alternatively, blue is also a good choice if green isn't really your thing, and still offers a striking contrast. 


While a lot of other tips we’ve given have included contrasting colours, brown hair looks great with deep brown contact lenses. The shades of brown work together to offer a natural and effective look.

Unsurprisingly this natural look is also created when using hazel coloured contact lenses. Hazel eyes stand out wonderfully against dark hair, while working with any skin tone. 

There is also the option of going very bright and creating the more unusual combination of brown hair and blue eyes. This electric look is definitely one that will get you noticed in a very good way. 


Just like blonde, black hair is the perfect backdrop to almost any eye colour, with the shade helping to make a feature of your eyes no matter the colour. 

A wonderful combination is violet eyes with black hair as they stand out in such a unique way. Whether you opt for a light or dark shade, the colour creates a statement look and is perfect if you enjoy turning heads while still being understated.

Blue and green can create a similar effect and are popular choices for black hair, while very dark contact lenses will create a cohesive look that is incredibly mysterious.

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Whichever colour you choose, make sure you speak to a trained optometrist prior to getting your contact lenses. This way you’ll know whether coloured contacts are suitable for your eyes, and you’ll know your exact visual requirements if you opt for prescription lenses. 

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