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Rio 7 Tone Unicorn Gray

Rio 7 Tone Unicorn Gray

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That may sound outrageous, but fear not! These rainbow contacts feature a multiple-toned coloration. All 7 colors of the rainbow, carefully blended together to create a wearable bonanza of colors unique to the Sweety Luna Prism Gray contacts.

Sprinkle color wherever you go, in whatever occasion! These rainbow contacts may be unique in appearance, but they are completely natural-looking. Get ready for a barrage of compliments coming your way whenever you wear an exquisite pair of these Pink contacts.

  • The fresh, brilliant gray, made iridescent by the infusion of 6, equally vibrant hues, are what makes these gray contacts one of a kind. Reminiscent of the ocean and its wonderfully diverse colors, you might just pass as a citizen of the mythical town, Atlantis.

Bring color to your day with the iridescent Luna Prism contacts. Leave everyone wondering where the pot o' gold is with the most brilliant pair of contacts you've ever seen! 

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