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Luxury color contacts by magiceye are the perfect mix of natural beauty and innocative enhancement! An extra large printed area gives you the wide-eyed innocent look you'll love. Meanwhile, the three tone pattern blends beautifully with your own eyes for a color that's almost like your own, just a tiny bit more irresistable!

Made from silicone hydrogel with 43% water content, these are among the most comfortable color contacts you'll find on the market! Plus - all of our color contacts are selected from only the best manufacturers and tested against the highest standards of quality and safety, so you can feel great about the lenses you wear.

  • Green is the most rare of natural eye colors - and this rich green tone can be yours!
    • Sold as a pair of 2 lenses
    • Rich colors and natural patterns set Luxury colored contacts apart.
    • Luxury colored contacts last three months with proper care and cleaning!

    Luxury color contacts offer a variety of colors and shades, both for now-and-then makeup looks and for everyday wear. Go with bright, stunning the choice is yours. But, we're pretty sure this look has something for everyone!

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