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Natural Looking Hidrocor Colored Contacts are Similar to and said to be more comfortable than the $100 Solotica Hidrocor style Contact Lenses, available in several natural looking shades that are the best for Light colored eyes and Dark Brown colored eyes.
This Item includes: 1 Pair (2 Lenses) of Hidrocor Style, Super Natural looking Contact Lenses & Free Case.

Hidrocor Contact Colors

 **The Hidrocor Contact Lenses appearance may vary based on the lightness or darkness of your natural eye color, the overall lighting they are viewed in, and your skin tone.**
Colored Contact Lenses
Reuse up to 12 months
Diameter 14.2mm B.C 8.6mm
Choose from 12 colors
2 lenses per pair
Caution: Always wash hands before handling lenses. You must remove and clean them before sleeping. *Factory sealed. Cosmetic use only. We are not responsible for any misuse or failure to follow safety precautions. Not recommend for anyone with an astigmatism. Please read our Shipping and returns policy for terms.


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