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 Marine Contacts, are daily wear color contact lenses. Has blending beautiful natural look for any skin tone. Even with the darkest eye colors, these contact lenses will ensure your eyes will get a tinted color. Wear these daily for up to six months to a year, just don’t forget to remove, clean & store them each night before bed. 

  • Yearly lens WITHOUT limbal ring for a more natural look
  • Base Curve: 8.7, Diameter: 14.2mm
  • Water Content: 38%, Material: Polymacon 62%

People say that eyes can be like an ocean, holding deep thoughts and beautiful colors. With Marine colored lenses, you’ll be one of the lucky ones whose eyes shine with tones of blue and green. Perfect for anyone looking for a natural style, Marine comes without a limbal ring for limitless beauty.

Why Choose Hidrocor Marine?

Sea blue eyes are no longer a thing of your dreams, as the Marine colored lenses by Hidrocor can give you intense pigment with ease. These lenses look amazing on anyone who wants to step up their beauty game, as this color works incredibly well with makeup styles of all types. Both men and women will love Marine’s natural appeal, as it’s crafted without a limbal ring for endless opportunities. Wear yours today to the office or for a night on the town and show everyone your deep blue eyes!

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